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80G1E 80% Constant Torque Gas Furnaces

Every component of the 80G1E is built for dependable operation. The constant torque blower motor uses proven technology to efficiently circulate heated air throughout your home. When compared to standard motors' constant torque motors operate with 25% fewer watts while operating in cooling mode and up to 75% fewer watts in fan-only mode

  • 80% AFUE rating means the unit uses less energy than older' less efficient furnaces
  • Constant torque motor delivers consistent airflow for steadier temperatures and increased energy efficiency b>
  • Robust aluminized steel heat exchanger is crimped' not welded' for increased durability and safety when burners are ignited
  • Anti-vibration blower assembly eliminates loud startup and shutdown noises for peaceful' quiet operation
  • Rigorous run-testing of each unit in our factory helps ensure the most reliable performance in your home
  • Self diagnostics saving last 10 fault codes regardlesss of power interruption
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Warranty Information

  • All Parts for 120 months -
  • Heat Exchanger - Limited Lifetime

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